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Olivier Depoorter 55

Mon parcours en compétition moto. En gros : ma passion !

04/06/09 : 8th place for Olivier and his RMT 21 Racing team

Tests were scheduled on
Wednesday and Thursday for Olivier and his new team on the “Motorsport Arena”. A lot of work were necessary to adapt the motorbike and find a good compromise between the 3 pilots’ styles (Olivier Depoorter - Chris Zaiser – Seidel Matti).

Afters many runs, Olivier felt more comfortable with the bike and signed the 6th time for the 1st qualifying. On Saturday, after some further settings for the 2nd qualifying, Olivier reached the 5th time but wasn’t fully satisfied with the Honda’s settings.

At the end of qualifying sessions, the team could start the race from the 4th place on the grid.


On Sunday, at 2PM and under the German flag the 36 pilots started the 8 hours race. Chris did the start and the 3 pilots took over during the endurance.


During one of its runs, Olivier had to come back to the pit as one of its foot pegs had broken. After loosing 4 precious minutes, he restarted for a new run.

3 hours later, rain started to fall and Chris went to the pit to change the tyres and settings. Olivier started carefully this new run while a huge thunderstorm was hitting the racetrack.

Despite of these bad conditions, Olivier felt comfortable and signed the best lap time.

After 6h40 racing, the officials ended the race as it became seriously dangerous to race in such conditions.

Olivier and his team caught the 8th position, winning 10 points for the championship.


Olivier :

“My first race with a new team and a new bike brought me some pressure but I felt quickly comfortable in this new environment. I am now satisfied of the motorcycle settings, either from the motor as from the suspension view. The team made a good job.

I thank my father and sponsors who allow me to run this year and I am quite impatient to race my 2nd endurance in Albacete.”


Detailed results

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