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Olivier Depoorter 55

Mon parcours en compétition moto. En gros : ma passion !

07/09/08 : 11th place on the final IDM ranking for Olivier !



http://idata.over-blog.com/2/15/33/54/Pictures-articles-de-presse/Olivier-Depoorter_Pic_IDM-Hockenheim-2008_1.jpegTwo weeks ago, Olivier Depoorter discovered the famous racetrack of Hockenheim with his partner Werner Daemen and his Yoshimura-Van Zon-Suzuki’ Team.

For Olivier, it was the first time.

The tests have been satisfying and Olivier was optimistic. After his unsuccessful week-end in Oschersleben, which moved him back to the 10th place on the temporary ranking of the German Superbike Championship, he was looking to come back thanks to the last two races ; actually, it’s the end of the IDM season.



On Friday, Olivier made some tests with new Pirelli tyres but the Suzuki was not gripping at all. The technicians worked on the suspension and Olivier did a new start but won’t have the time to test the new settings as he is ejected from his bike thanks to a spectacular high-side.

Bike suffered so did Olivier who was taken to the medical centre as his shoulder was really painful. It’s the same one broken last year on which a steel plate was implemented. Nothing was detected on the radio but it was really hurting.


On Saturday, in spite of the medicine, Olivier was painful. Nevertheless, he did the qualifications. But in such conditions, he cannot do better than the 18th place.


On Sunday, the pain was still present but Olivier decided to start the race.

A small contact with a competitor during the first lap damaged his coupling handle and he had to force on his handle-bar to avoid the fall. This increased his pain but he continued. After 9 laps, his shoulder was too painful and had to give up. He didn't take part to the second race.

Olivier is really deceived as he was looking to finish at the 6th or 7th place in the final ranking of the IDM championship. He finished at the 11th place, quite a good result for a first participation !


On Monday, at the hospital, they discovered that his collar-bone was broken, just close to his famous steel plate.


Decidedly, it’s not a good week-end for the Yoshimura-Van Zon-Suzuki’ Team. Werner broke his wrist, a bad injury which needs a surgery. No bike finished the race. None of the two pilots will be able to participate to the Mettet Superbiker.


The future for Olivier is likely a new participation to the IDM championship in the same team.

Budget will be the key-point. Sponsors are welcomed !


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