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Olivier Depoorter 55

Mon parcours en compétition moto. En gros : ma passion !

Olivier Depoorter presentation


First name : Olivier


Name : Depoorter


Birth date : 03/02/1984


Height : 170 cm


Weight : 62 kg


Nationality : Belgian


City : 1410 Waterloo, Belgium


E-mail : olivier@olivierdepoorter.com


Model : Valentino Rossi


Hobbies : sports & fishing

Racing motorbikes already used : 

1.       BMW R1100S

2.     Kawasaki ZX6RR

3.     Ducati 998

4.      Yamaha R1

5.      Suzuki GSXR 1000



“My first real experience with a motorbike on a racetrack was in 2002, with a training session organized by Stephane Mertens in Calafat (Spain). I loved it and did it again the following year.


In 2003, I did my first competition : I ran for the belgian Kawasaki championship. After this first year experience, I ran it again in 2004 and won the cup.


After that, I raced in the European Superstock 1000 championship which was integrated within the world Superbike & Supersport championship structure.


Since 2008, I’m participating to the german motorbike championship, the IDM Superbike.


Now you know my first steps in this fabulous world of the motorbike racing ! See you soon !”










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